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Andy Coats

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CoupleWhether you are single, married, in a partnership, living together, divorced or divorcing, gay or straight and experiencing relationship difficulties, I can help you by exploring what is happening so that you can make the right decisions in moving forward.

In a confidential, non-judgmental environment, Couples and Relationship counselling can facilitate huge changes in your relationship(s) or can help in dealing with a specific issue.

Why might you attend Couples & Relationship Counselling?

Examples of why people may enter counselling include:

• Potential relationship breakdown including separation and divorce
• Parental disagreements about key issues, especially relating to children
• Handling bereavement
• Step-parent difficulties
• Dealing with retirement
• Cross-cultural misunderstanding

Holding HandsYour close relationships are a very important aspect of your life and are affected by a range of factors including stress, expectations, your self-esteem, degrees of assertiveness, memories of earlier failed relationships, the setting of priorities and your health.

How often do we fail to listen, to really hear what is being said to us? How much do we take someone very important for granted? How often do we make choices which sabotage a developing relationship or undermine a previously established one? How often do we wrongly anticipate a response or reaction based on our experience in an earlier relationship?

Couples and Relationship counselling can be a very challenging and emotional process for some people. Equally, it can be hugely rewarding as new insights are gathered and fresh commitments made.

Attending Sessions

When you arrive at your first session, I will ask you some questions about you and your partner, what is happening in your relationship and what you hope to achieve through counselling.

You may decide to attend sessions as a couple, individually or as a combination of couple and individual sessions. This is something we can discuss further when you book or at the first session.

Session timings and costs:

Individual sessions last for approximately one hour and cost £40 per session
Couple sessions last for approximately one hour and cost £55 per session

How to Book?

If you would like to find out more about how Couples and Relationship counselling might help you and how it works please contact me today.