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Andy Coats

Achieving Happiness   arrow

Happiness means different things to different people and most of us, I believe, would likely say that a little more happiness would be a good thing. Generally, we experience a range of moods and feelings from those you may experience negatively (e.g. frustration, anxiety) to those you see as positive (e.g. a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment).

Achieving HappinessGenerally, a state of mind that consistently contains a range of positive emotions such as contentment, calm and satisfaction, joy and excitement will result in wellbeing which can be defined as happiness. Others might say it happens when you are in harmony with yourself.

For me, happiness is as a combination of your ability to enjoy pleasure alongside the clarity you bring to how you live your life generally.

The questions I help you explore relate to your ability to experience these emotions. In some cases, learning self-love and overcoming your existing rationale to live as you do, are the best ways to living happily. Equally, being kind to yourself can bring you closer to inner truth and allow you to attract and create the happiness you deserve in life.

Taking care of your own needs, alongside those of others, will help you live in accordance with your own values and develop your own identity. In doing so, happiness is more keenly felt, both within and around you.

Happiness need not be elusive if it’s sought in appropriate and realistic ways way. It can require no more than nothing more than practicing a few simple disciplines.

I am very happy to discuss any questions you may have about how I can help you achieve greater happiness