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Andy Coats

Losing Weight with Weight Management

Have diets worked for you?

If losing weight was easy and effortless, then we would simply follow conventional logic and eat less, perhaps increase daily activity and let nature take its course. Simple really! ….. a little like New Years’ resolutions beginning in January and ending in February….and each time this happens, you end up disappointed.

It can often get worse….as your original pattern of eating returns, your self-esteem and confidence begin to suffer and you find yourself snacking on whatever comfort food you can find in order to make yourself feel better …… and the pattern continues.

Why is it so difficult to end my overeating?

When we find ourselves compulsively eating, we use food as a distracter. We eat for emotional reasons, to satisfy something other than hunger and this makes weight management even more demanding.

Those of us who have difficulty controlling our weight often:

  • Eat for emotional comfort
  • Have a poor self-image
  • Eat because of external cues – (e.g. others around us are eating)
  • Reward themselves with food
  • Undertake little or no physical activity
  • Do not stop eating when full

If there is no medical reason for any of the above tendencies, then you’re faced with the personal responsibility for your weight management.

Why Hypnotherapy can help you loose weight

Effective hypnotherapy views overeating and unwanted weight gain as symptom of the problem, not it’s cause. Moreover, it will focus on the reason(s) why a person regularly overeats. Such causes maybe related to earlier life experiences of denial or major loss of confidence

When the actual cause and driver of the overeating is neutralised, then the unhealthy eating behaviour can fall away, allowing the person to return to a healthy eating pattern that nourishes but does not cause them to become overweight. It generally takes around 4 or 6 sessions in order to ingrain new choices and end emotional eating for good.

Learning to delay instant gratification, because you know you can, will bring much greater rewards including the freedom to choose. This alteration of your relationship with food and with your self becomes powerfully enabling and a cause of much energy in itself.

Effective hypnotherapy will help you recover your authentic self, and reconnect with those resources you were fully using before the problem first developed. It can be a hugely rewarding experience and provide you with what you need to live a balanced and compulsive-free life

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you manage your weight, then please get in touch

Andy Coates