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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks

Very few people will say that they have never felt anxiety. Indeed, it can be a crucial means of allowing us to respond to danger. Most of us can cope with some anxiety and still lead perfectly healthy, normal lives. However, if anxiety increases in intensity and frequency and becomes potentially overwhelming, then treatment is usually necessary. It may have become a general anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

When we are anxious we worry. When we have an anxiety disorder we find it almost impossible to control this worry. This will often result in symptoms such as tension, feeling overly tired, difficulty in concentrating or sleeping poorly. Ultimately, this can result in panic attacks. They can be similar to anxiety symptoms, but are much more pronounced and terrifying. Phobias are examples of such attacks

What causes Anxiety Disorder?

Usually, the problem lay in fearing the fear, the fear of losing control and becoming overwhelmed. Anxiety itself comes after fear, but unlike fear, it lasts long after any rational cause is gone. Often the fear is unfounded. Nonetheless, your mind continues to generate anxious thoughts that exist mainly in your imagination. The questions you then pose yourself are usually limiting (e.g. What if I can’t do this?) and lead to a perpetuation of the same cycle of thinking.

How Hypnotherapy helps you

Anxiety and panic attack symptoms exist for a reason. They are the subconscious mind’s way of alerting you of an inner conflict. They are symptoms and not the problem. The real problem is the reason for the existence of the symptoms. Once this is uncovered and resolved, then the symptoms can fade away, because there is no reason for them to exist any longer.

Hypnotherapy seeks to go directly to the cause of the problem – the unresolved emotional issue(s) that have been driving the difficulty—and then does something about it. Examples of this might include early life event(s) that have led you to becoming deeply afraid. Subsequently, other sensitive experiences can reinforce anxiety, leading to it becoming the principal means through which life is perceived. The anxiety state becomes your default position.

Hypnotherapy works through helping you to re-presenting and understanding differently any significant early event such that new energy emerges through moving on. Moreover, it allows you to face situations differently in the future, and be confident in your ability to distinguish between what is real and what no longer holds any fear for us.

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